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Fairfax County offers a continuum of advanced academic programs (AAP) for students K-12 that builds upon students' individual strengths and skills and maximizes the academic potential for all learners.

Advanced Academic services are implemented using a school-based model in the following ways:

  • All students engage with content using the Nine Critical and Creative Thinking Strategies.
  • Some students require differentiated extension lessons in areas of academic strength.
  • Some students are identified for part-time services that typically occur once a week.
  • Some students are identified for full-time services in all academic subject areas.

At Little Run Elementary School, we provide challenging experiences for all students as they participate in varying levels of AAP services. In addition to providing Levels I, II, and III services, we have a Local Level IV program in grades 3-6, and we are working to expand and grow our Young Scholars program.

Our Advanced Academic resource teacher (AART), collaborates with the school staff to determine the appropriate level of advanced academic service for each student. Parents may refer their child for advanced academic services or get additional information about the screening process by contacting her below.

See our School's SIIP Goal for more information about access to AAP programs for all students. 

Advance Academics Resource Teacher

students working together
Third grade Roadrunners share and articulate ideas and questions through participation in a Socratic Seminar.


students working together
Students working to build critical and creative thinking skills.