School History

Little Run Elementary School opened in 1963 during the period known as the baby boom. In 1960, there were 53,700 children enrolled in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). By 1970 that number would climb to 133,360. Because the population growth in Fairfax County was primarily driven by the growing size of the federal government, the United States Congress allocated financial aid to FCPS to assist with school construction. The construction of Little Run Elementary School was partially funded by a federal aid grant. Our school was designed by the architecture firm of Pickett & Siess and was modeled after the plans used for Herndon Elementary School.

Black and white photograph of the front of Little Run Elementary School. There are a few small trees, but most of the grounds are bare grass. Two students and an adult can be seen near the building.
Little Run Elementary School, mid-1960s

Honoring Catherine Howard

In May 1980, the Washington Post reported that Little Run Elementary School combined its annual Arbor Day and May Day observations into one special commemoration in honor of a long-time teacher, Catherine Howard. Howard taught at Little Run from 1963 to 1976. She was personally responsible for planting the azaleas, dogwoods, and maple trees that grace our school campus. At the celebration, third grade students played spring songs on plastic recorders for the teachers and parents who attended the gathering. Other children performed a traditional maypole dance. 

Color photograph of the front of Little Run Elementary School. The school name is visible on the front of the building. The picture appears to be from shortly after the school opened because there are no shrubs planted in front of the building that are visible in photographs from the late 1960s. A bicycle can be seen on the ground near the front steps.
Little Run Elementary School, mid-1960s